Gordon “Grant” Curtis 

Has a long history as a seasoned business professional, money manager and financial strategist. Since the late 70’s, his experience related to investment banking has included prominent firms from Wall Street and as an international businessman for over 40 years.

With Austrian roots, now headquartered in southern Switzerland, Mr. Curtis is the portfolio director for a well-established private Family office. In this capacity, his responsibilities include the deployment of capital according to specific mandates as well as charitable contribution considerations. Under stringent investment scope guidelines, his track record performance for the family office portfolio has always ranked the Family Office in the top quartile.

As a private investor, activist, advisor and strategist, Mr. Curtis has been engaged in a variety of project undertakings including: Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy Reclamation, Creation and Related Technologies, Insurance/Risk Products, Fossil Fuel and Renewable opportunities both in conventional and alternative sectors, as well as Consumer Products.

During his business tenure, he has also worked with Companies and their executives ranging from Fortune 50 to emerging growth entities.  Problem solving is one of Mr. Curtis strong suits and one that has catapulted his success over the life of his business career.